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Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience... Personal Training, Nutrition Management & Lifestyle Coaching!


At Designer Bodies "World Class Gym' our approach to the Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience starts by offering you a complimentary consultation as a chance for us to get to know one another. During your consultation we will take both practical and scientific approaches for assessing your personal needs. We begin by playing a friendly game of 20 Questions to comfortably assess your wants, needs and desires from your Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience. At this time we will also perform non-invasive biomedical assessments on the InBody 770 by Bio Space International that will reveal data specific to your current body composition, metabolic rate, hormonal balance and segmental lean development. All data will then be used to give you a good honest evaluation of what we feel we can do for you, if you are compliant. At this time we will put together the most efficient approach for achieving your goals.

Once we've determined you're a good fit for the 'Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience' we'll document and discuss your extensive medical history. This will help us determine your current state of functional health. An integrated functional structural analysis comes next. These are head to toe kinetic chain assessments that asses how well your muscles, nerves and skeletal system currently work together to perform functional movement patterns. Our testing methods are imperative for detecting postural structural modalities caused by muscle imbalances (tight muscles working against weak stabilizers and sometimes visa versa). The objective data gathered from our assessments will allow us to take an educated approach for designing a corrective exercise program for you. We have individualized assessments for everyone from beginners to professional athletes that will help determine your specific needs and may even prevent potential injuries before they occur. So many times people prematurely start exercise programs that are above their bodies current abilities. This usually ends in failure and or injuries... Team DB's approach is to assess and address to insure success!

Full body measurements are next. These assessments are taken along with photos to help define ones goals and to keep records for future reference. We will then take these three assessments into account along with your energy levels, functional strength, functional flexibility, heart rate variations during exercise and overall wellbeing to help us assess progress. To rely solely on body weight is an inaccurate way of measuring progress because if you were to gain 10 pounds of muscle and at the same time lose 10 pounds of body fat the numbers on the scale would be a wash but I guarantee that you would look and feel much better because your body composition will have made a significant change.

Your Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience will start with a nutritional approach that is specifically designed to meet your needs. We'll create your own personal grocery list from a list of several hundred clean healthy foods. Your grocery list will consist only of foods that you like. You will learn how to precisely structure meals that will supply your body with the proper portions and ratios of lean proteins , complex carbs, fibrous carbs and dietary fats. Eating this way will supply your body with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and amino acids needed to attain and retain a healthy body, mind and metabolism. You will learn how to eat to prepare for and repair from your workouts while integrating this nutritional approach to benefit you in every other aspect of your life. You will also receive the 'Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience' Cookbook & Restaurant Guide as well as our personal guidance for preparing delicious nutritious meals, salad dressings, sauces and condiments that will satisfy your belly and please your palate! Our restaurant guide encourages successful eating experiences when dining out. You will even learn when and how to chow down to stimulate the production of leptin for increased thermogenisis (the process of food being converted to heat). That's correct, you will be treated to an educated cheat time that will boost fat burning for up to 72 hours after you go back to eating clean. Your cheat time is also a great way to REWARD yourself for your hard work. 

My wife Doris, Nikko and I live by our system. So we understand how important it is to enjoy food and the benefits that it has to offer so we don't recommend anything that we are not willing to adhere to ourselves. Your nutrition program will be monitored and assessed on a regular basis and then adjusted as needed to achieve maximum results. Your eating will be modified as your body progresses based upon body composition changes, meal satisfaction, energy levels as well as digestive state. Learning to listen to your bodies responses to the foods and combination of foods that you are eating will ultimately lead to knowing what foods your body recognizes as fuel. The key to Lifestyle Eating is understanding!

Your current level of fitness will determine your workout intensity. You will be educated, regulated and challenged within your own limitations. Training beyond your current level of fitness can lead to overtraining, mental fatigue, excessive soreness (tissue damage), hormonal imbalances and thyroid attenuation that will ultimately lead to an inability to achieve your goals. You will learn when and how to increase workout intensity for the best results. More is not better... But believe me when I say that our advanced clients are enjoying high intensity workouts!

Beginner's or Intermediate's with limited exercise experience and those with special needs will first learn to exercise at low to moderate intensity levels while performing each exercise with perfect form. Strength training and cardio-respiratory exercise is performed in an effort to increase blood flow, improve circulation and natural hormonal responses that'll lead to an increase in muscle and tendon strength, elevated metabolism and increased body fat loss. Training while respecting your bodies natural limitations will improve flexibility, balance and overall conditioning. As your body adapts to this type of training the intensity will be increased accordingly. If you belong to a special population (i.e. senior-adult, adolescent, postpartum, post-rehab, post-surgical, etc) then extreme increases in exercise intensity may not be necessary for optimum results. Leaving the gym feeling better than you did when you arrived is half of the battle!

Experienced athletes or fitness enthusiasts will generally begin training at higher intensity levels. Those with sport specific needs ( I.e. Football Player, Cheerleader, Bodybuilder, Fitness Model) will be schooled in sports specific training methods and advanced bio-mechanics that pertain to their sport of choice. Once you have mastered these new and exciting techniques you will be amazed at how fast your body will respond. There are many different ways to manipulate the intensity of your workouts. I.e. tempo variations of sets and repetitions... Making conscious efforts to contract targeted muscles harder... Making conscious efforts to resist the weight when returning to the starting position of certain exercises.... Employing a more explosive approach when performing compound exercises that are intended to generate power. Other ways of manipulating exercise intensity is by applying super-sets, tri-sets or giant-sets. The DESIGNER BODIES Metabolic Revelation Core Circuits take a multi-dimensional approach to training the body through all planes of motion and can be combined with either Team DB's DynamX-Training, Cardio Sprints and/or Interval Training for maximum fat burning. These are just a few examples of the many ways that we will make your workouts exciting and educational!

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