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FAQ's... Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you ask me to read your web site before scheduling a consultation?

A: We want you to gather information and form your own opinion of us without feeling pressured. You will either be inspired and motivated or you won't. You see, we only want clients that are excited about the opportunity to work with us; Individuals that truly want to live a Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle. Because the key to long term success is lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle!

Q: What should I bring when I come in for a consultation?

A: A good attitude and an eagerness to learn. The one thing our most successful clients have had in common is they have either come to us with a great attitude and a desire to succeed or they were willing to develop them through our coaching. Because positive thinking leads to positive actions, which leads to positive results!

Q: When can I expect to see results?

A: If you follow our instructions to the letter you should notice increased energy, decreased stress and improved overall feelings of wellness within the first couple of weeks. Most of our clients see an average loss of 12 to 18 total body inches and a decrease of between 6 and 8% body fat during their first 12 weeks of training. But you must remember that everyone is different, so results will vary based upon your current state of health and overall level of fitness. The key is to focus on the overall big picture, enjoy the process and positive results will come!

Q: What do you mean when you tell your clients to focus on Change?

A: TEAM DB encourages our clients to focus on the overall big picture... How you feel, how your clothes are fitting, what you see in the mirror and the changes in your total body composition instead of just fixating on the numbers on a scale. The reason for this is because if you lost 10 pounds of body fat and gained 10 pounds of lean body mass (muscle) the scale would show that your weight hasn't changed. However you will look and feel much better while losing inches. This is what TEAM DB refers to as "Change" therefore we refer to you as a "Changer" and not a loser!. 

Q: My friend went on a diet and lost a lot of weight but gained most of it back. Will this happen to me if I am committed to living the Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle, even after I have completed my program?

A: NO! The Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle is a one healthy meal... one productive workout... one blessed day at a time approach to becoming mentally, physically and spiritually fit that teaches self control while changing behavioral thought patterns. The reason people gain wight back after dieting is that most diets do not focus on feeding the vital processes of the body. The average diet strips off water and/or lean body mass followed by a little body fat. That's why dieter lose 20 or more pounds and many times end up smaller versions of what they where before. Because the fattier areas are still fat, their skin is saggy and their faces are sunken in. Team DB's approach is to eat a higher calorie, clean diet of foods that have a higher thermic effect in the proper combinations and ratios of macro nutrients that increases your metabolic rate while supplying the vital nutrients needed to support life. This is why our clients can increase energy, build functional strength and improve endurance while losing body fat, building lean muscle and improving overall fitness levels. And when all is said and done they end up looking healthier and younger... Therefore they are Changers and not Losers!

Q: How much do your programs cost?

A: We offer a complimentary consultation that includes comprehensive testing and assessments. Once we have gathered the appropriate data we can get into the specifics for you as an individual. Each program is designed and priced based upon your unique behavioral, physiological and functional needs. We don't like to turn anyone away that has a sincere desire to "Change" so we do our very best to build programs that fit each individual's budget. Please keep in mind that all trainers are not created equal and that you are paying for the complete Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience that includes 24/7 lifestyle coaching while offering you 100% commitment from TEAM DB. So if you are looking for value that equals unsurpassed service in an immaculately clean and meticulous environment then the Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience will be one of the best investments you've ever made!

Q: What is your guarantee?

A: Our guarantee is simple... You'll get out of the Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience exactly what you put into it. As fitness professionals we do our very best to empower each and every client with the inspiration, motivation, education and coaching needed to succeed. Team DB's reputation is built on years of experience and a sincere desire to help our client's succeed; And we are blessed to that say that we've never had anyone look us in the eye and say they followed our expert instruction to letter and it didn't work. If you are compliant it will work!

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