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Personal Training... Team DB puts it all together for you!

Muscular Development & Strength Training

You will learn which exercises and how to determine which exercises are best for accomplishing your specific goals. We will teach you how to perform each exercise through a path of motion that isolates your muscles for a more efficient neuromuscular response that produces RESULTS! Learning the proper bio-mechanics also includes learning to perform exercises through a range of motion that takes unnecessary stress off of your joints and encourages SAFETY! Our approach utilizes barbells, dumbbells, cables, state of the art machines, stability balls, resista-bands, medicine balls, etc. in an effort to make exercise fun! You will also learn the science of sets, reps and exercise tempo for achieving specific results; As well as when to and how to change up your workouts to achieve the most from your efforts. By the completion of your Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience at Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym' we want you to have the knowledge and confidence necessary to continue exercising successfully on your own!

Stabilization & Balance Training... A Step Above Ordinary Core Training!

Stabilization training can be defined as specific training that addresses the stabilizing system of the body known primarily as the CORE. The CORE is the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex that also includes the thoracic and cervical spine. At DESIGNER BODIES we also focus on the integrity of the shoulder/neck complex as well as the knee/ankle complexes for maintaining proper balance throughout the entire kinetic-chain. You will learn to train your body from the inside out to insure structural, postural and biomechanical efficiency. It is functionally important to be core and stabilizer strong for fitness training, sports performance, occupational fitness and living healthy as we attempt to age gracefully.

Cardio-Respiratory Performance & Muscular Endurance Training

You will be taught how to perform cardio that is specific to your personal goals. If you are an endurance athlete and are eating like an endurance athlete you will be challenged to train at intensity levels that increase aerobic capacity and improve muscular endurance. If your goal is to lose body fat and you are eating to lose body fat then you will be taught how to burn body fat, increase aerobic capacity and improve cardiovascular health by utilizing scientifically based training methods that work efficiently. Many fat loss programs utilize a shock and awe approach to cardio combined with a low calorie diet. Truth be told it doesn't really take hours of cardio to lose unwanted body fat if your nutritional approach is sound. Losing body fat comes from a combined effort of what you eat, how you eat and how much you eat coupled with consistent muscular development and strength training sessions. Cardio definitely has its place as a stimulus in your fat burning efforts when performed correctly. Unfortunately many people including personal trainers believe that you can force body fat loss by performing more sessions and/or increased durations of cardio exercise but in most cases the body recognizes this approach as chronic stress thereby causing the metabolism to burn less calories in response to diet and exercise. We have invested thousands of dollars in biomedical testing equipment that will prove this approach not only wrong but detrimental to ones overall health. 

Flexibility Training... Muscle Extensibility & Joint Mobility

There is nothing worse than stiff achy muscles to block energy and to make you feel weak and lethargic. You will increase energy and decrease stress by utilizing cutting edge training techniques for restoring flexibility, muscle quality, neuromuscular efficiency, improved blood flow and joint mobility while enjoying the functional benefits of a well balanced body that has the freedom to move efficiently. Our approach to wellbeing through flexibility will also boost your metabolism above and beyond what you have ever imagined possible.

Stress Management... Rest, Relaxation & Recuperative Techniques

We heal mentally, physically and emotionally during sleep, rest & relaxation. Over training and not properly feeding your body while living high stressed lifestyles make it very difficult to take advantage of everything that life has to offer. The Dynamic Fitness LifestyleTM is based on sound scientific principles that reduce stress and improve ones ability to cope with stress while ensuring complete recovery from training and the stresses of everyday life

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