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Team DB's Commitment

At Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym' we stand by our commitment to invest in relationships and to partner in your success. Our passion is to lead by example while empowering you to achieve your absolute personal best!

Team DB's Mission

Inspire you to set realistic goals and to realize your potential to have the body you desire while becoming mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

Motivate you to incorporate positive lifestyle modifications that will increase energy, decrease stress and create feelings of wellness.

Educate in a manner in which you will understand, attain and retain cutting edge information for years to come.

Innovate the protocol for personal training and nutrition management based on your individual physiological needs, goals and current level of fitness.

Coach you to achieve your absolute personal best!


'Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience' Wall of Fame

At Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym' we specialize in the Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience...


A one healthy meal, one productive workout, one blessed day at a time approach to becoming mentally, physically and spiritually fit. Our approach includes encouraging our clients to set realistic goals and to strive to achieve their personal best.


We don't make blue sky promises or unrealistic claims and we are not here to diagnose, treat or cure any sicknesses, diseases or ailments.


Each of the successful individuals you see in these photos came to us with a sincere desire to succeed, full well knowing that they'd get out of the Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience exactly what they put into it. And with that said; Team DB would like to congratulate each of these folks on their personal achievements, while training with Team DB, here at Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym.'


We are proud of and happy for each and every one of you!





Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym'

Dwain Kindelberger... Owner, Founder, Developer & Innovator at Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym' started his humble fitness journey at the age of 10 while training with weights for motocross racing. However, Dwain enjoyed strength training and his physique transformed so much that his focus changed from motocross racing to bodybuilding. And by the very young age of 16 he entered his first teenage bodybuilding show. He was instantly hooked on competing in bodybuilding competitions! But after placing 13th out of 17 athletes he vowed never to place out of the top 5 again, let alone out of the top 10. 

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