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Team DB's Commitment

At Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym' we stand by our commitment to invest in relationships and to partner in your success. Our passion is to lead by example while empowering you to achieve your absolute personal best!

The Designer Bodies Journey

Dwain Kindelberger... Owner, Founder, Developer & Innovator at Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym' started his humble fitness journey at the age of 10 while

training with weights for motocross racing. However, Dwain enjoyed strength training and his physique transformed so

much that his focus changed from motocross racing to bodybuilding. And by the very young age of 16 he entered his

first teenage bodybuilding show. He was instantly hooked on competing in bodybuilding competitions! But after placing 13th out of 17 athletes he vowed never to place out of the top 5 again, let alone out of the top 10. 

The Journey Evolves

At age 17 Dwain won his first bodybuilding show and by 21 he had won several prestigious bodybuilding titles on the East Coast. He then decided at this point to

venture West to train at Gold's Gym in Venice, California, known internationally as The Mecca of Bodybuilding!

A Career is Born

It was shortly after this move that people started noticing Dwain and approaching him to train them and manage their

nutrition. Hence the new beginnings of his professional career as a Personal Fitness Trainer & Lifestyle Coach.



Little did Dwain know when leaving western Pennsylvania to pursue fame and fortune as a professional bodybuilder that he would go on to be recognized as one of the original personal fitness trainers to come out of Gold's Gym in Venice,

California during what is known as the 'Golden Era' of Bodybuilding and Fitness! 

This unique group of fitness professionals were responsible for coaching

Hollywood's elite and a who's who of Southern California's Pro Athletes, CEO's, CFO's and Soccer Mom's before fitness was in vogue! 

These amazing men and women are recognized industry wide for setting the 1990's fitness boom in motion. And remarkably, the fitness industry has

continued to experience growth at many levels from what these dedicated individuals pioneered to this very day!


New Mexico

Dwain and his wife Doris wanted to be closer to her family while raising their children in a slower paced city. So they

brought the original Designer Bodies 'Personal Training & Nutrition Management' to beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1991. As private contractors, the Kindelberger's operated Designer Bodies 'Personal Training & Nutrition Management' out of the Pro Gym from 1991- 1992 owned by 'NPC Vice President' Clark Sanchez. Then they moved to Body Tech, owned and operated by John and Janine Lascelles, from 1992-1994 after Pro Gym closed. Then after hearing the Lascelles' were selling Body Tech, Dwain & Doris decided it would be best to move to the Albuquerque Gold's Gym, owned and operated by Glenn Horner, from late 1993-2003.

Team DB's Mission

Inspire you to set realistic goals and to realize your potential to have the body you desire while becoming mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

Motivate you to incorporate positive lifestyle modifications that will increase energy, decrease stress and create feelings of wellness.

Educate in a manner in which you will understand, attain and retain cutting edge information for years to come.

Innovate the protocol for personal training and nutrition management based on your individual physiological needs, goals and current level of fitness.

Coach you to achieve your absolute personal best!

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