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Transform with the 'Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience' at Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym'! Our Personal Nutrition Management process inspires positive lifestyle modifications, enlightens thought patterns, and empowers you to succeed. Learn the science of food combining for a healthy body from the inside out. Our elite training covers Muscular Development, Stabilization & Balance, Cardio-Respiratory Performance, Flexibility, and Stress Management. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and individual goals, our comprehensive approach ensures lasting results. Join us to Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Better – a holistic journey to optimal well-being!

What is
Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle?

The "Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience" is a One Healthy Meal... One Productive Workout... One Blessed Day at a time approach to achieving your personal best... Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually!

Your "Dynamic Fitness Lifestyle Experience" starts with Lifestyle Assesments, InBody 770 Biomedical Body Composition Testing, and Kinetic Chain Assesments to assist us in determining your unique behavioral, physiological and functional needs. 

Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym'
Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym'
Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym'
Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym'

The data is then used to determine the protocol for your 'DFL Experience' while focusing your training on...

Corrective Exercise

Functional Movement

Core Stabilization & Balance

Cardio-Respiratory Performance

Muscular Development & Strength

Your overall 'DFL Experience' will encourage you to become...

Functionally Healthy

Flexible & Balanced

Athletic & Powerful

Cognitively Clear

Lean, Fit & Sexy

Designer Bodies 'World Class Gym'


World Class Training Exeperience

Wall of Fame Results

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